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The number of courses offered is growing daily, with many programs designed and led by accredited, well-reputed institutions which offer both on-campus and online courses. Distance education, structured learning in which the student and instructor are separated by time and place, is currently the fastest growing form of domestic and international education. What was once considered a special form of education using nontraditional delivery systems is now becoming an important concept in mainstream education. Students’ perceptions of DE vary across the participants from the three countries.

Hence, when it comes to online degrees, you’ll need to do some digging to find out which relevant bodies institutions must refer to. Find higher education institutions and programs accredited by recognized U.S. accrediting organizations. These words appear mild and even judicial in temperament, but consider what they mean in reality. A judge in one country has declared that an entity in another country is a legitimate doctoral institution, contrary to the universally understood status of the degree supplier in its home country. The misunderstanding comes about because the judge does not realize that authority to issue degrees in the U.S. comes from states that may in fact have no meaningful standards for such programs.

Remote education is certainly not a magic bullet and there will always be a place for in-class learning. At the same time, distance learning still has a lot of untapped potential to reach students where they are and connect educators and learners in new ways. From increased flexibility to new learning styles, it seems that the future of learning will be as diverse in time and place as it will be in thought.

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For BC, the effect was a 30% increase in applications over two years. Some 107,000 spectators have packed the "Big House," paying an average ticket price of $141. The game airs on ESPN, one of three networks linked to the Big Ten, thanks to a $2.64 billion contract.


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